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Whatever your preference, you owe it to yourself to bookmark this page and to check back again in April so that you can make a note of the date of our 2017 organizational meeting.

At that meeting, we’ll be accepting registration forms and fees, and – most importantly – planning our 2017 season’s paddling evenings (may be some afternoons, too).

It is your chance to join Peterborough’s fastest growing paddling club, where paddlers of all ages and skill levels bring their kayaks and canoes and get together for fun excursions.

For now, visit the rest of our site, check out where we went this year (2016), and then head over to our Facebook page to enjoy photographs and videos posted by our members. Be sure to check out our Photographs

Remember, an email to peterboroughpaddlingclub @ gmail.com will get you a response within a couple of days.  (Leave out the spaces before and after @).

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