Peterborough Paddling Club:
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Hello Paddlers!

Gosh, we’re approaching August already.  So few weeks remain before the potential for cool weather and (even) rain!  The inclination is to drop everything, and paddle, paddle, paddle.

Stef's panorama

Our club has grown tremendously this season. From last year’s membership of 32, we are now nudging 70.  That’s not to say that all 70 paddle very week, but an average turnout is in the region of 20-25, which (if memory serves me correctly) is about twice that of last year.  I do know that at times parking all our vehicles has been a challenge…

We added Cordova Lake to our itinerary just a week or so ago, mainly because there is ample parking.  If you’ve not been there, it’s well worth the drive of about an hour.

On a personal note, I’ve been amazed by the number of enquiries about the club, and way our membership has increased almost weekly.  Kayaking and canoeing really are for everybody.

Follow us on Facebook, or email us at peterboroughpaddlingclub@gmail.com.  We guarantee a response – usually within a day or so.

Should inclement weather be forecast to occur during any part of a scheduled paddling trip which includes but not limited to Environment Canada’s weather warning watch, thunder showers, tornado watches, etc. the paddling trip leader in discussion with the PPC Board will review the forecast and by 4:00 pm either the night of an evening paddle or the evening before a day paddle will make a decision whether the paddle trip can proceed or it should be cancelled. Please note that the PPC will be cautious with our decision making to ensure our members continue to enjoy safe paddling experiences. Please be respectful of your trip leader’s and the PPC Board’s decision to cancel a paddling trip as it will be specifically in the interest of safety that any trips will need to be cancelled.

If a paddling trip is scheduled to proceed after 4:00 pm, and weather patterns degrade prior to the start of the trip, we will rely on the trip leaders to cancel the trip and adhere to a 30-30 policy regarding thunder and lightning occurring in the immediate area.

Notification Procedure
Should a paddling trip be cancelled on the day of the scheduled trip or the evening before due to inclement weather, the PPC will post the decision on the Home Page on the PPC website (Post Link) by 4:00 pm. The PPC will attempt to broadcast the cancellation through other social media (Facebook), and email); however, only the website can be confirmed to be updated on the day of the paddle.


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